Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Been Awhile

What has happened the past few weeks? Well, not picture taking that's for sure. So here's a list.

-Jairus celebrated his fourth birthday with cookies and a Hot Wheels car ramp complete with a skull that you drive your cars into. Strange that my sensitive, tender boy is all about skeletons right now, or "skimitoos" as he pronounces it.
-Thomas and I got to go to the temple with his cousin Holly and her husband Joe for their first time. Very sweet experience.
-Our computer crashed, then miraculously started again, then died again, and is now hopefully really and truly fixed, thanks to John. What a roller coaster.
-I started a hornet's nest so to speak of political debate, kind of a weird position for me to be in.
-Ephraim wrote on the wall with red pencil and then cracked the plaster and started picking at it and now we have a three inch hole in our hallway. Awesome.
-We set up the crib for the baby, always fun for me. I can't wait for her to get here. Only ten more weeks to go.
-Marley turned into a teenager overnight and is now very concerned about privacy and all the injustices of having brothers and sisters.
-Townsend went to Grandma Carroll's house for a week and had a lovely time. We're glad to have him back though.

Up next....Halloween which I have not prepared for at all and then Aislyn's sixth birthday party which she has been inviting people to for the last six months.


Helena said...

Kate's been fascinated by skeletons, too. Weird.

Helena said...
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Pure Mommy Extract said...

Sounds like you have been plenty busy! How exciting that baby is going to be here soon. Hope all goes well with her birth.