Friday, May 8, 2009

The Husband

I've been looking through all the old pictures lately. Time truly does fly by. I've realized that we already have a "history" together as a family. I still feel like I'm twenty. But seeing picture proof that my kids are growing up makes me see just how far we've come. I thought it might be fun to show some oldies. So I'm starting with Thomas. He is the oldest you know. (Just turned thirty-seven!)

He must be about ten here. He was so freakin' cute. Townsend said his hair looks like a girls'. But I love it.
Mission pic. The back of the photo said, "In front of the temple. Didn't bother to change my socks. Big deal!" What a goof ball.
Here we are in Los Cabos Mexico. This is where we were stuck for over two weeks when 9/11 happened. No flights home. It wasn't too bad a place to be stuck but we really missed Marley and Townsend.
Thomas with one of our very favorite people in the world. Trissa Mae. We were in Alaska, hence the pink scarf. I need to find the shot where he has it wrapped around his head like a turban. It's classic.

I love this guy! He makes life interesting and fun. I love his sparkly mischievous eyes. I love how he likes to make me mad just to see the fire in my eyes. How I still fall for it after all these years I don't know. I love how he loves our kids. I love how he tries to do what is right. I love that he is sensitive. I love how he loves me.
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Pure Mommy Extract said...

I believe that the picture you are seeking is his Facebook profile

He sure is a great guy. He was my favorite uncle growing up...even if he refused to hug me when he was a teenager.

Fun pictures!

Diet Coke and Zingers said...

Hey! I love him too!

Helena said...

Whoa. I can totally see Townsend and Marley in the first pic.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this post!