Friday, May 15, 2009

My Birthday!

OK, so usually on my birthday I tend to get a little grumpy. Today was different. Today was perfect. Sure, I'm another year older. I'm getting little wrinkles all around my eyes, and my stomach will never be as flat as it once was. But today I was showered with love and affection. And I see what a blessed life I have been given.
It started with my beautiful Marley Mae giving me a menu with my options for breakfast, which she then lovingly prepared. I had delicious scrambled eggs and orange juice. She then told me I should get dressed because my surprise was coming over. She had secretly called my best friend since I was seventeen, Jessica to come over. Jessica and Molly(her daughter, who is also Jairus' future wife) brought me lilacs, a pine cone, a princess crown, and took me out to hot chocolate at Starbucks. When I got back my sweet husband went running with me. That is one of my favorite things. Then my wonderful mother drove all the way down from Goldbar with my grandma and brought me lunch. Then my beautiful friend Sarah brought a huge basket of fresh fruit and some chicken salad(because she knew I was craving them). Then my lovely friends Trissa and Tallie called and sang me happy birthday. All three of my sisters called. And then just when I thought nothing else cool could happen my friend Bonnie dropped by with cupcakes and a beautiful boquet of flowers. I have never felt so dang popular in all my life!
To top it all off, the week of depressing, cold, drizzly, rain ended and the sun was warm and bright all day long.

I am so grateful for all that I have been given. I do not need anything more than the love of such wonderful people.
Thank you everyone!
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Laura Call said...

Happy Birthday, Bronwyn!! Sounds like a fantastic and special birthday for a fantastic and special woman!

Helena said...

What a wonderful day!

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you just had a birthday!! Happy Day to you!! and Im so glad we got to visit yesterday. I figure a day with B-wyn is a good day for me, you really did look lovely in your cool dress. You inspired me to go visit that vintage shop :)