Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Calvin Heath Simmons

Just after 9:00 am on Tuesday morning Calvin Heath Simmons was born. It was the most amazing experience! Sarah was able to have a water birth at home. It was peaceful and calm and beautiful. I had never experienced a birth from an outside perspective before. I am thankful Sarah asked me to be there. I worried that I wouldn't know what to do to comfort her or that I might irritate her. But it just kind of all came naturally. It was just such an amazing,beautiful day. Sarah was awesome. Everything went quickly and smoothly. The baby is perfect and healthy. I just love the difference being at home made. I have always hated the hospital. But I didn't realize there were any other options. They never leave you alone, never let you get any sleep, make you worry about everything. It is all so clinical, cold, and emotionless. I am so excited to do my next birth at home. Dawn Wadleigh is her midwife and now mine. She was so perfect. She is extremely knowledgeable, calming, and nurturing. Sarah and baby are doing great. My kids are happy because the Simmons boys are getting to spend a lot of time over at our house. I love new babies!
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Anonymous said...

Yay!! Jon's getting a smack for not telling me tho..
Happy Birthday little Calvin!! He looks so sweet. Sorry he couldn't wait until today since today was the day she was hoping for but pretty cool that it was only about a day shy of what Sarah wanted!

Bronwyn said...

Hey Rebecca, any chance I could be invited to see your blog? I promise I would leave lots of good comments. We all know that's what every blogger wants. Thanks for being such a faithful visitor to mine. You're awesome!

Lisa (Formerly Judd) Manners said...

I highly recomend home birth. My last two births were at home and I loved it. laboring in warm water is sooo soothing and really reduces pain (at least for me it did) and helps you relax.
I am excited for you! I lurk around on your blog every now and then. Your kids remind me of their Dad when he was little. How cute he was! and full of energy!
Thanks for blogging. I love checking up on Thomas and family every once in a while.

Samara ~ TJ said...

One birth experience at a time will change people's perspective. Way to go for all of you.