Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Break In?

Indeed. The day started at 4:50am with a huge dose of adrenaline. I was laying in bed dosing in and out of consciousness, feeling kindof nauseous, and wishing that the sun weren't shining in my bedroom window...just yet. I heard footsteps just outside by bedroom door at the top of the stairs. This in and of itself isn't unusual, Aislyn comes in to sleep the last couple of hours with me quite often. So I said,"Hello". And then a set of foot steps took off running down the stairs. Thomas then rolled over and said,"That was weird." And then fell right back to sleep. I still wasn't scared. I hoped maybe Felicity had gotten up extra early for seminary or something. So I go downstairs and look around. I start to feel "that feeling" when I got to the back pantry and find the door left open. So brave girl that I am I book as fast as I can go back up the stairs and tell Thomas to go check it out further. They got our laptop, my cell phone, and Thomas' wallet. The police came and dusted for fingerprints. But of course there is really not much chance of catching this brazen, bold, and horrible person.

It's so cliche but I really do feel so violated. The worst part is that whoever it was was upstairs just feet away from where my children were sleeping. So creepy! It was light outside and they were so brave as to venture upstairs, not satisfied with what they found downstairs. My only consolation is that they must have been sorely disappointed with what they got. The computer they took was missing the shift key since Ephraim thinks it fun to pop the keys off. They tried getting cash from our accounts but luckily we're so broke right now nothing worked out for them. The computer did have all my pictures from the last six months or so which is very sad to me. And just yesterday I thought to myself that I needed to back them up on disk. You should always listen to that voice in the back of your mind.

It's been a day to remember. Some good news though, Thomas got a promotion at work today and will never again have to wear the TSA uniform, which makes him very happy. We are extremely blessed though. How thankful I am that we were all safe and protected and no real harm came from it.


Pure Mommy Extract said...

Quite scary indeed. I am sorry you lost all your pictures, that is a monumental loss IMO.

If you need the ones from me, I still have them and will put them on disk for you again. Just let me know.

Helena said...

Oh no! That is scary. I would feel violated too. I'm glad everyone's okay!

I have nightmares about losing pictures that way.

Helena said...

Oh yes--and congratulations on the promotion!

Alan and Stella said...

I am sorry and feel for your home violation. I am glad you are such good people. I really feel sorry for a person whose life is as screwed up as the person who broke into your home (and a little angry as well).

jamey r said...

I am so glad you're all safe.

Anonymous said...

that makes me so mad!! Im so glad you are all okay..mad that your pictures have been stolen :( The whole story is just horrible. It seems like it must be someone who had been "casin' the joint" to know that they could just wander in and get those things like that. And then they return some basic stuff?? Super odd..and so scary! Im so sorry this all happened...but mostly just glad you're all just fine